Intro to Meditation course (SOLD OUT)

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Looking to start meditating? Start February 11 with our Intro to Meditation course by zen-master Ramon Roelofs.

This course consists of 4 Tuesday evening sessions and is designed in such a way that each session will build up towards the next one. At the end of the course, you’ve tried and tested different techniques, experienced the benefits and you’ll feel comfortable to start meditating on your own. Our goal is to demystify meditation and make you feel at ease with it, so you can easily incorporate a little bit (or a lot!) of calmness in your busy daily life.

What the course will bring you:

• Explore different meditation techniques
• Experience the benefits of meditation
• Know how to start your home practice
• Have all of your questions answered

Whether you’re totally new to meditation or you already have some experience but you’re interested in going back to the basics in a group setting, this course is for you.


Meet your teacher

Ramon Roelofs is a certified zen meditation teacher, producer and dj, worldwide known as Charly Lownoise (Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo) for tracks like ‘Wonderful Days’ and ‘Stars’.

Ramon was first exposed to meditation in 1996, shortly after he collapsed on stage during a dj-gig in his hometown The Hague, exhausted from way too many performances. Ramon deeply connected with the zen meditation practice and has been exploring the various lineages ever since. He started his own daily meditation practice as a way to cope with his crazy hectic dj-life and in 2009 started teaching meditation courses. In his classes Ramon playfully brings meditation into action guiding students through different techniques and making them at ease with this beautiful topic.

When & Where

Tuesday evening 11 February
Tuesday evening 18 February
Tuesday evening 3 March
Tuesday evening 10 March

Start 8.30PM at Studio Bondi, Valeriusstraat 40, The Hague


EUR 75



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  • What do I bring?

    As we’d like you to travel light, the studio has everything you need: mats, props, lockers, complimentary tea and water before & after class, and showers stocked with NAIF organic care products. You only need to bring your yoga outfit. If you like to drink water during class please bring your own non-breakable water bottle.

  • What if I’m feeling great?

    Also if you’re feeling great, listen to your body during class. We are often very ambitious and are trying to go a little bit deeper, a little bit further. However, if you feel any pain in the exercises, please return to a comfortable position. Don’t force yourself, rather relax into a pose.

  • Can I bring water into the yoga room?

    Water and tea is complementary before and after class. If you like to take water into class, please bring your own non-breakable water bottle so that we don’t have glasses flying around.

  • How much time do I need before start of my session?

    You won’t need much, but we recommend you to arrive at least 5-10 minutes before the indicated start time so you have some time to check in, find your spot and get ready for your session.

  • What if I forget to cancel or if I’m too late?

    If you forget to cancel or if the cancellation window is already closed at the time of your cancellation (4 hours prior to start of class), this is regarded as a Late Cancel. If you have a class pass, this class will be charged from that class pass. If you have an unlimited subscription, a EUR5 Late Cancel Fee will be charged. Because we work with a maximum number of mats for each class and we otherwise hold a mat for you, we always appreciate it if you can let us know that you won’t be there – also if it’s just a couple of minutes before start of class.