The One Day Retreat

We’d love to welcome you to our One Day Retreat on April 4th.
Disconnect from the outer world and reconnect to yourself and your needs with our full one day program led by the amazing Jenny Schoenmann.

We are inviting you to take time for yourself at the magical place Moons’ Farm in Noordwijk. This farm is home to a variety of spiritual retreats and experiences, and surrounded by nature it is the ideal location to unwind and restore.

Jenny will be your teacher for the day and is committed to offer you the time and space to check in with yourself. How do you feel, what are your needs, what are your desires? With simple practices Jenny will share valuable insights & techniques that will have an instant effect on your mindset, your wellbeing and what you attract. Most important – for a lasting positive change – she’ll show you how to make these practices part of your day-to-day life.


Meet your teacher

Jenny Schoenmann is a 500 hours certified yoga teacher, certified coach in clean language and symbolic modelling (also known as Soul Based Coaching), makeup artist, entrepreneur and mother of 2 – not necessarily in that order.

For the last years, Jenny offers the unique combination of yoga, soul-based coaching and beauty through her company Soul Flow & Glow, helping many with finding and following their own truth. As a yoga teacher, Jenny teaches both group and one to one classes on a daily basis. She hosts regular workshops on yoga, healthy movements, meditation, morning rituals, self-care routines and stress reduction. In the Netherlands, she is teaching at Studio Bondi, Delight Yoga and she has close connections to Yama Yoga in Doha, Qatar.

Studio Bondi’s co-founder Els will join the retreat as your host and her passion is to create the most relaxing experience for everyone. Els has a background in entrepreneurship (restructuring companies and building new ones) and it was at her first “real” job at a big law firm over a decade ago that she fell in love with yoga & meditation. Since then she cannot think of a life without. At Bondi she combines her organizational skills as a studio owner with her passion for feel good movement & stillness.

Both Jenny and Els will guide you throughout the day and will assist you in getting the most out of your yoga practice and overall retreat experience.

What to expect

– Opening Circle
– Morning yoga, move with ease
– Meditation and breathing practices to connect with yourself
– Organic & healthy lunch prepared with care and love
– Time to relax, outside walk or just be on your own
– Workshop on simple & profound daily routines to uplift your mood, make you feel better and attract what you need
– Restorative yoga, relax deeply
– Closing Circle

Unplug for one day and give yourself the time just for yourself. You’ll leave the day feeling happier, lighter and completely relaxed. On top, you’ll have some easy feel-good routines to take back home.


Whether you are new to yoga or well established in your practice, The One Day Retreat will cater to all levels.

WHERE: Moons’ Farm Noordwijk
DATE: 4 April 2020
TIME: 9.30 (arriving) – 17.00hrs
INVESTMENT: €139 (single ticket) / €265 (duo ticket)

This includes everything you need for the day (yoga mats, cushions and blankets as well as an organic lunch, snacks and drinks). Excluding transport. It’s a 30-minute drive from The Hague by car, or you can get there by public transport. If you’d like to carpool together, let us know.

Moons’ Farm is home to a variety of spiritual retreats and experiences, including herbal medicine, yoga and consciousness movement.



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  • What if I’m pregnant, burnout or injured?

    In case of pregnancy, burnout or an injury please tell the teacher in advance and make sure to listen to your body; it’ll tell you what you need. To be on the safe side, please check with your doctor before joining a session.

    For all expecting moms: if you have experience with yoga and you know your depths and modifications, you can join any session you feel comfortable with (make sure to tell the teacher; it doesn’t always show). Our weekly prenatal class is also a wonderful option, this class is for you mama’s!

  • What do I wear?

    You can wear whatever you like so long as you’re comfortable and you can move freely. For all yin and meditation sessions it can be nice to bring your sweater and comfy socks as your body may cool down. You don’t need any shoes.

  • Can I bring water into the yoga room?

    Water and tea is complementary before and after class. If you like to take water into class, please bring your own non-breakable water bottle so that we don’t have glasses flying around.

  • Do you have any vacancies?

    We are always open to meet new teachers. Get in touch via and tell us about yourself, your practice and your teaching style and we’ll be in touch with you asap. All teachers must be fluent in English and have at least 2 years of teaching experience.

    To join our team as a volunteer host (5 hours of hosting per week in exchange for an Unlimited Membership), please send an e-mail to and tell us a little bit about yourself and your availability.

  • Do you have changing rooms?

    Yes – we have two changing rooms (men + women) including shower facilities. Shower products (NAIF organic & carefree care products)  and a hair dryer are provided. If you need a towel or shower cap, these are available for rent (EUR 1).