Kavi Kanani

Kavi Kanani


Kavi Kanani

Why did you start with yoga?
My mum suggested for me to try yoga as part of the ‘sports’ section in a high school expedition. We all knew I had 0 coordination or stamina, but in yoga I could ‘fall asleep’ in Savasana every Tuesday!

Why did you become a yoga teacher?
By accident. I just wanted to do a yoga for a month so decided to do a training but to pass the course we had to give a class.. turns out, nothing felt more peaceful and fulfilling. I love it! It doesn’t feel like a job but instead a practice of sharing 🙂

What do you love most about teaching yoga?
I love witnessing people shift from being focused on the flow I’m guiding, to then shifting into a flow of their own. I look around and everyone is moving differently, which just shows how we all need different things in life and its important to listen to that!

What styles of yoga do you teach?
Typically Vinyasa or Yin! But I call it an Intuitive Flow – encouraging less rules, and moving based around feeling your own needs.

Can you describe your personal teaching style in a few words?
Free, intuitive, challenging

What is your favourite song for Savasana?
Basic but Faith’s Hymn by Beautiful Chorus – the song feels like a hug.

What is your favourite book or movie?
I don’t have one, although I love reading. Instead – my favourite series is Girls from Ipanema or Friends, of course!