Lesley Verkijk

Lesley Verkijk


Lesley Verkijk

Why did you start with yoga?

Yoga came into my life five years ago, during my pregnancy for the first time, the following years I noticed that every time I stood on the mat a little bit more that little girl in me came out. I felt more and more in touch with who I really am on the inside! I got stronger and more confident and something in me pulled me this way. I found myself stuck in a job that didn’t make me happy and this feeling grew day by day. My father passed away 3 years ago, this was the last straw. I could no longer fight what I was feeling inside and made the decision…. Stopped working, started to set my boundaries and choose the things that felt right inside.

Why did you become a yoga teacher?

As a little girl I was happiest when I danced, me in my own world.

This was the place where I could be myself. During my childhood I therefore spent much of my time in the ballet school where classical ballet was my love. When I got older I spent my early teens at the conservatory in The Hague, my father taking me there every weekend. The time had come to make a decision, I was admitted and allowed to go to school at the conservatory! But then… insecurity, fear, homesickness, not believing I was good enough I decided not to take this opportunity.

Now in retrospect I know that I left a piece of myself there. Life went on but the uncertainty, fear, not believing in myself have always been a part of my life. Until I stood on the yoga mat for the very first time.

And then a few years later I knew.. THIS IS WHAT I WANT… Teaching Yoga! Something I felt deep inside and couldn’t ignore! But immediately the thoughts came again, who is waiting for me, this is not possible at all, you are too old and not good enough either. In short, all the stories you tell yourself not to chase your dreams! This time I didn’t listen, I went to do it! , a yoga training. Everything fell into place and before I even got my diploma I already gave my first yoga class.

What do you love most about teaching yoga?

My love for dancing has never gone away and somehow I believe that my father led me back to this life. The life of moving, being in contact with your body, forgetting everything for a while and being in your own world. Out of your head and into your body. My love for teaching yoga is great, this is what I want to convey and make you feel that you can and should trust yourself, learn to listen. Especially that it’s never too late to chase your dreams! I still dream, I will never stop learning and I don’t want to.

What styles of yoga do you teach?

Vinyasa, Yin, Yin Yang

Can you describe your personal teaching style in a few words?

I start with meditation and soft & gentle movements to slowly wake up the body. Sometimes I incorporate a kundalini kriya to have a better connection with your body, mind and soul before we begin the practice. I love to move and make you feel light on your toes BUT I will make you work 🙂 So uplifting and strong for sure.

What is your favourite song for Savasana? 

In sunlight/ Tina Malia
Still Light on water/ ashana
Shavasana / Kamari & Manvir
Purnamadah / shantala

What is your favorite book or movie? 

Books 🙂 i have a lot and also  on my wish list but here are a few of my favorites

The untethered soul/ michel J singer
The surrender experiment/ michel J singer
Becoming supernatural / dr. Joe dispenza
Yoga myths / judith hanson lasater
Art of attention/ erica jaga

Movie, What dreams may come was the first that came into my mind