Team session

For all teams who are under a lot of stress and could use a well deserved break, we offer 30 minute virtual team sessions to recharge and connect.

A quick reset to start or end your day, or as a break during lunch time. There are three flavours:

Mindful Movement
Great to boost energy levels and focus. Including easy to do stretching poses (behind the desk) to release tension in the shoulders, necks and wrists as well as a guided mindfulness-meditation to calm the mind. 

No yoga material needed

Expect to move, flow and stretch in 30 minutes. Linking breath with movement, this session is designed to increase flexibility and to build strength and mental focus. 

What you need: a mat, a towel and a yoga/sports outfit

Yoga Nidra
A beautiful deep relaxation practice. Participants are invited to lie down, on a yoga mat, sofa or bed as they will be guided through a guided meditation and enter into a deep resting mode. 

What you need: a mat / sofa / bed and a blanket

All our sessions aim for the following results:

More energy
More focus
Increased productivity & creativity
Sense of connection
Less stress
Release of tension
Better sleep

Interested to give your team some much needed zen? Get in touch via hello@studio-bondi.com and tell us 1) team size, 2) team needs & 3) preferred date & time. We’ll get back to you asap. Tailor made options are always possible, we are happy to design a program specifically to your teams needs.


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