Vocal Sessions w/ Fantine Tho

Join us for our monthly 60 min class of mantra singing to release the voice, feel a greater sense of freedom, and explore the meaning of chanting. This is a class to connect and express ourselves, to be inspired and - most importantly - have fun!

This class is perfect if:

  • you love music and you like to sing (but maybe think you can’t)
  • you have an overactive mind and are looking for a way to meditate
  • mantras sound interesting to you but you’ve no idea what they mean and much less how they could relate to you
  • you’re looking to ‘find’ your voice
  • you like setting personal intentions for the month to come (in a unique way!)

Are you a musician, artist, and do you want to bring your instrument and add to the party? Be our guest! Drop Fantine an email to info@fantinetho.com and let her know what your ideas are or just bring your gear along.

About Fantine
Having experienced fame from one day to another as a singer in her home country Brasil, Fantine learned the hard way how important it is for her to have a pure connection to music, as she originally intended. Chanting, sacred mantras, guided meditation and yoga have been an essential part of her process of keeping it real. 

The vocal sessions at Studio Bondi are part of Fantine’s “Flesh and Soul” mission; for the love of essence evoking art, genuine connection, and personal freedom - in flesh and soul.

Check Fantine’s website here to learn more.