(arrive in) the studio


  • How do I access Bondi TV?

    Please note that your login credentials are not the same as your standard Studio Bondi login. For Bondi TV you need to create a separate account and subscription (Monthly or Yearly Unlimited). You can choose your username and password when creating your account. You can access Bondi TV here.

  • Can I use Bondi TV with my studio subscription or class pass?

    No, for Bondi TV you need a separate subscription, either on a monthly basis or on an annual basis. It’s a great add-on to studio classes. 


  • Do I need an account to book a session?

    Yes. You can create an account via studio-bondi.com (SIGN IN), the Studio Bondi app (download for free on App Store or Google Play) or in the studio.

  • Do you also allow walk-ins?

    Because we’re a boutique studio there’s always a maximum number of mats available, so we recommend booking your class in advance. All our bookings have to be made online.

  • What if I need to cancel?

    Please do so via your account on the website or the app, at least 4 hours prior to the class start time.

  • What if I forget to cancel or if I’m too late?

    If you forget to cancel or if the cancellation window is already closed at the time of your cancellation (4 hours prior to start of class), this is regarded as a Late Cancel. If you have a class pack, this class will be charged from that class pack. If you have an unlimited subscription, a EUR5 Late Cancel Fee will be charged. Because we work with a maximum number of mats for each class and we otherwise hold a spot for you, we always appreciate it if you can let us know that you won’t be there – also if it’s just a couple of minutes before start of class.

  • What is your waiting list policy?

    When you join the waitlist, you’ll be automatically enrolled when a spot opens up until 4 hours prior to class. You’ll be notified by email.
    If a spot opens up within 4 hours prior to class, an email is sent to everyone on the waitlist with a link to enroll. This is on a ‘first come, first serve’ basis.



  • Is there something for beginners?

    All our classes are designed to cater for all levels and we have beginners in almost every class. You will be fine. To be on the super safe side: our Yin and Light Flow classes are a great place to start. Also, you can try some of our classes at home first, via our online video platform Bondi TV. This series is specifically designed for beginners, guiding you through a classical sun salutation sequence you’ll find in any active yoga class, such as Light Flow, Strength Flow and Bondi 45 / 60.

  • What language do you speak?

    Our sessions are taught in English.

  • What do I wear?

    You can wear whatever you like so long as you’re comfortable and you can move freely. For all yin and meditation sessions it can be nice to bring your sweater and comfy socks as your body may cool down. You don’t need any shoes.

  • Can I bring water into the yoga room?


  • Do you sell gift cards?

    Yes! You can purchase a gift card here. We’ll make sure a hard copy is available in the studio within 48 hours (you’ll receive a message when it’s ready).

  • Can I bring the Bondi-vibes to my office or my event?

    Yes! We provide one-off, daily, weekly, bi-weekly and monthly yoga & meditation sessions to give your team or event whatever it is you are looking for: re-energize, relax, strength, flexibility, a calm mind or all of the above. Send your request to daniel@studio-bondi.com and we will get in touch shortly.

Pregnant, burnout, injury, old, stiff

  • What if I’m pregnant, burnout or injured?

    In case of pregnancy, burnout or an injury please tell the teacher in advance and make sure to listen to your body; it’ll tell you what you need. To be on the safe side, please check with your doctor before joining a session.

    If you have an injury we recommend booking a private training with one of our expert teachers before joining a regular group class. In this private training you’ll learn what your limits are (to avoid making things worse) and you’ll receive guidance on what poses and movements are actually good for you to do. A 50 minute private training costs EUR 65 and is bookable by sending us an e-mail at hello@studio-bondi.com.
  • What if I’m too old or too stiff?

    We think you’re never too old or too stiff, but if you feel that way you may want to start with a gentle practice. Try for example one of our Yin or Light Flow classes.

  • What if I’m feeling great?

    Also if you’re feeling great, listen to your body during class. We are often very ambitious and are trying to go a little bit deeper, a little bit further. However, if you feel any pain in the exercises, please return to a comfortable position. Don’t force yourself, rather relax into a pose.

Rent of space

  • Can I hold my event at the studio?

    Are you interested in holding your event, launch, birthday party, babyshower, workshop, meeting, lecture, etc. at Studio Bondi? Send us all the details to: daniel@studio-bondi.com and we’ll get back to you asap. Delicious & healthy catering options are available upon request.

    Please note that the studio is only available for rent outside of class schedule times – this means that we cannot cancel classes from our existing schedule for an event – so please do check our online schedule prior to enquiry.

Work with us

  • Do you have any vacancies?

    We are always open to meet new teachers. Get in touch via els@studio-bondi.com and tell us about yourself, your practice and your teaching style and we’ll be in touch with you asap. 

    To join our team as a volunteer (5 hours per week in exchange for an Unlimited Membership), please send an e-mail to daniel@studio-bondi.com and tell us a little bit about yourself and your availability. Volunteer tasks mainly include maintenance of the studio (assist with cleaning) and events.

Workshops and courses