Women's Circle

Price EUR 20

Begeleid door Janneke Krijgsman. Ontdek de magische kracht van sisterhood.

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Sacred Cacao & Sound Ceremony

Price EUR 45

Come and join us for a very special sacred cacao ceremony and experience the magical combination of cacao, yin yoga and sound.

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We will begin the ceremony by drinking a nourishing and delicious raw cacao elixir that will open our hearts and assist us in making a connection with the self. We will follow with a soothing yin yoga practice accompanied by live sounds from beautiful alchemy singing bowls. This will allow us to fully release and let go & open the body to heal.

Cacao is regarded as a sacred medicinal plant and helps to:

– release old stories, blockages & negativity
– increase creativity
– open our hearts
– feel a harmonious balance between thinking & feeling
– be one with the present moment

The ceremonial cacao that we’ll use in this workshop is grown and cultivated in the traditional way so that the “spirit of cacao” and healing properties have been preserved, unlike normal cacao / chocolate. It is safe to drink and has no hallucinating effects.

Teachers: Fi de Wit (yoga teacher and expert in the sacred tradition of facilitating cacao ceremonies) and Michaela Kress (artist alchemy singing bowls).
Level: All levels welcome.
Price ticket: EUR 45

Do not miss this unique experience!

Important note: if you are on antidepressant please contact us beforehand as some antidepressant medication does not mix well with the cacao.

Members receive a 10% discount. Send us an email at hello@studio-bondi.com

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Introduction to Ayurveda

Price EUR 30

In this 2.5 hour workshop we will dive deeper in to the world of Ayurveda. Ayurveda translates as the wisdom of life and is a holistic healthcare system. The teachings of Ayurveda aim for a long but more importantly a healthy and happy life! …Oh and yes, it’s the sister practice to Yoga!

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Ayurveda says that everyone is unique, we are all born with a unique mind/body type and therefor have different needs and talents. Getting to know who you are will give you the chance to make decisions for yourself that bring you back to balance, instead of further away from who you really are and what you really need.

We will talk about the 5 big elements, the different mind/body types, food, lifestyle, daily routines, yoga and pranayama. We will end the afternoon with some tea and a little snack.

Members receive a 10% discount. Send us an email at hello@studio-bondi.com

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Yin & Sound

Price EUR 30

Time to treat yourself! Recharge, connect to the heart and deepen your yoga practice with Joy & Eddie. In this special class we work with the elements of autumn(metal) and winter(water). Autumn represents a time of letting go and as the leaves fall we can take this example to shake off things that are not serving us anymore. As the weather cools and we move towards winter, our tendency may be to hide under a blanket until spring arrives. This yin yoga practice can stimulate our life force, revitalize the body, and help to find harmony with this cold, dark season.

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During this class we will use different instruments to guide you through your poses. Your body consists of water for more than 65%. And when these vibrations enter your body this will make that water in your body resonate and your body will relax. This proces is a healing proces, your body will try to maintain these vibrations and vibrate accordingly.

The relaxing and opening effects of yin poses, combined with vibrations of the instruments, will help you to make a deeper connection to the inner self. It will bring you into a place of deep surrender. Come and join us on this beautiful journey!

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The Wim Hof Method - Fundamentals

Price EUR 129

Location: Haags Hoog

Master your inner strength in this 1-day workshop at the stunning rooftop greenhouse location Haags Hoog and explore what profound breathing exercises and cold exposure with the Wim Hof Method can do for you. If you’ve ever wanted a science-backed, heart-centered approach to boost your immune system and overall feeling of wellbeing, this is it.

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During the workshop certified WHM instructor and yoga teacher Lilian will guide you through the 3 pillars of the Wim Hof Method: Breathing Technique, Cold Exposure & Commitment. You will explore powerful breathing exercises and how to cultivate your inner strength more intelligently. Find yourself in the mood for an ice cold ice bath – for the full experience.

“I’ve always been a strong believer in our capacity to heal naturally and I’ve been searching for that magic ever since I was little. Yoga rooted firmly in my life and I started teaching classes at a very young age, as spreading that great magic is one of my passions. My curiosity was driving me into other beautiful natural healing methods; such as holistic massage and natural nutrition. But it wasn’t until I found myself in a bikini, sitting between little ice cubes still buzzing on oxygen, that I really knew with every cell in my vibrant and extremely alive body that this (simple, yet invigorating!!) method is THE SHIT that really works; always in all ways. I never take myself too serious again.”
– Lilian Vrolijk

Good to know
This workshop is suitable for everyone, but does require a basic level of health. Out of precaution, you cannot attend the workshop if you are pregnant of have epilepsy. People with cardiovascular issues, or any other serious health conditions should always consult a medical professional before starting the Wim Hof Method.

How to prepare
If you have no prior experience with cold exposure, we recommend you finish your showers cold in the 5 days leading up to the workshop. This may be overwhelming at first, but just try to relax, focus on your breath, and bring it into a controlled, steady rhythm.

What to bring?
– Swimsuit
– Towel
– Comfortable clothes

What’s included?
Full 6 hour workshop including a dive in the ice bath, healthy nourishing lunch (with vegan options) and coffee/tea & water.

Date and location
Saturday January 8, 10.00 – 16.00hrs at the stunning greenhouse rooftop location Haags Hoog  (Televisiestraat 2, 6th Floor, 2525 KD Den Haag)

Please contact us at hello@studio-bondi.com.

Members receive a 10% discount. Send us an email at hello@studio-bondi.com

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