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Myofascia Release Masterclass (shoulders) w/ Eddie

Price EUR 17 or 1 class | Free for members

Ever heard of myofascia release? Join this masterclass to feel the effects right away. And trust us, it feels good!

Our body contains fascia in different layers of the body. It covers all organs, blood vessels, bones, nerve fiber and muscles. In a healthy state, fascia is a relaxed and wavy connective tissue. But when damaged for whatever reason (e.g. because of bad posture), it tightens up and causes tension and (head)aches.

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In this masterclass, movement trainer Eddie will teach us how to release fascia. We will explore restrictions and learn DIY techniques* to release the different layers of fascia. You’ll leave feeling more open and with a great sense of relief. This October edition will focus on the shoulders.

“These techniques will change your life. No more pain, no more stiff tissues and no more expensive massages every week to restore tight spots. Please join me for this masterclass!” – Eddie

* The techniques that you will learn can easily be applied when you get back home.

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Yoga Surf w/ Fantine

Price EUR 17 or 1 class | Free for members

Catch some waves with Fantine! Dive into a highly uplifting 75-minute indoor surfboard flow – this class is an absolute energy booster, offering an invigorating experience like no other.

Guiding you through a series of fluid yoga movements, Yoga Surf aims to enhance your body’s flexibility and strength, all while refining your balance and stimulating mental clarity. Additionally, you’ll have the chance to pick up some nifty surf techniques that can be applied both on the mat and in the water.

Don’t worry if you’re a beginner when it comes to surfing; no prior experience is necessary. However, having a bit of a foundation (beginners level) in yoga is recommended to fully enjoy the session.

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Sound Bath w/ Lydia

Price EUR 17 or 1 class | Free for members

Immerse yourself in a unique, full-body listening experience and find yourself in a state of deep conscious rest.

Listening to the sound of Alchemy Crystal singing bowls allows you to relax your body and to quiet the mind and its thoughts. While you are feeling the vibrations of the sound flowing through your body, your cells are resonating with those vibrations and you might be able to forget about time and space and to feel your body weightless.

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During the session, you may enter the Theta brainwave state – a deep meditative state where creativity is boosted and healing happens.

The entire class will be lying down (or seated comfortably, if you so prefer). This is often complemented by a blanket for added comfort and an eye mask.

All levels welcome, no prior meditation or yoga experience is necessary.

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50 Hour Pilates Teacher Training w/ Omar and Rachel

Price EUR 850 ex VAT

Backed by years of teaching expertise, this in-depth teacher training (50hrs) with Rachel van Koesveld and Omar Pliego Trejo covers anatomy, breathwork, postural alignment, the most important Pilates exercises and sequencing, as well as a home practice to deepen your practice and develop your skills as a Pilates teacher. This training is spread over 5 Saturdays.

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Yoga Masterclass w/ Willemieke

Price EUR 17 or 1 class | Free for members

How often do we hear the cue ‘engage your pelvic floor’ in yoga? All the time right?

But do you ever stop and pause to feel into the state of your pelvic floor? It is quite hard to feel the pelvic floor activation, but it is equally hard to let the pelvic floor let go of tension.

Whether it is softness or strengthening that your pelvic floor needs, it probably needs to be attended to most of all. In this workshop we bring our awareness to this second diaphragm in our body. The diaphragm that literally hold our organs in place, that is the very foundation of our energetic center.

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Energetically the pelvic floor provides stability and is closely related to our overall sense of safety and groundedness. Disconnection and disbalance bring us out of our rooting and out of our center.

Come join us for a practice in which we will learn more about the anatomy & function of the pelvic floor, but mostly feel into its state and learn tools to activate and release. So that with attention we allow the pelvic floor to become the juicy & dynamic safety net that it is supposed to be.

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