Sacred Cacao Ceremony

Price EUR 35

Come and join us for an evening sacred cacao ceremony and experience the magical combination of cacao, yin yoga and sound.

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We will begin the ceremony by drinking a nourishing and delicious raw cacao elixir that will open our hearts and assist us in making a connection with the self. We will follow with a soothing yin yoga practice accompanied by live sounds. This will allow us to fully release and let go & open the body to heal. 

Cacao is regarded as a sacred medicinal plant and helps to:

-release old stories, blockages & negativity
-increase creativity
-open our hearts
-feel a harmonious balance between thinking & feeling
-be one with the present moment

The ceremonial cacao that we’ll use in this workshop is grown and cultivated in the traditional way so that the “spirit of cacao” and healing properties have been preserved, unlike normal cacao / chocolate. It is safe to drink and has no hallucinating effects. 

Teacher: Fi de Wit, yoga teacher and expert in the sacred tradition of facilitating cacao ceremonies
Level: All levels welcome.

Price single ticket: EUR 35
Price duo ticket: EUR 65 

Do not miss this unique experience!

Important note: if you are on antidepressant please contact us beforehand as some antidepressant medication does not mix well with the cacao.

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Breathing Therapy - The Healing Power of Proper Breathing

Price EUR 42,50

As a Yoga & Breathwork Therapist, through yoga and breathing exercises Ellen helps people with specific health issues, from burnout, hyperventilation, anxiety to back pain. Ellen uses the ancient practices of yoga in a modern way, scientifically proven to have positive effects for the nervous system self-regulation and influencing both physiological factors (by stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system) and psychological factors (by diverting attention from thoughts).

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This specific workshop will include exercises to discover your current breathing patterns and any stagnations you may feel. By trying out different breathing techniques, you will explore and learn how proper breathing can help you to breathe more freely and improve your overall health and wellbeing.

Proper breathing is associated with:

  • better energy levels
  • better blood circulation
  • better mood
  • better sleep
  • better decision-making
  • better performance
  • better digestion
  • better muscle recovery
  • better being able to concentrate and relax


Basically proper breathing brings better health; you will feel the positive effects throughout your whole being when you are able to improve and refine your breathing.

This workshop is especially good for those recovering from burnout and those dealing with (back) pain, anxiety or hyperventilation, but anyone who is interested in ‘simply’ improving their health and wellbeing can join. No experience with yoga is necessary.
Time for questions, personal guidance and a deeply restorative practice will be an integral part of the workshop.


Inspired by her own personal journey and the many students she guided over her years of being a yoga teacher, Ellen became an advanced Yoga & Breathwork Therapist, passionate about sharing the most powerful transformation tools helping people overcome emotional and health issues.

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