Omgaan met (hoog)gevoeligheid (in Dutch)

Price EUR 97

Herken je dit: je loopt in de stad en plots wordt je overvallen door een vermoeidheid of irritatie die je niet goed kunt plaatsen. Na afloop van de werkdag ben je doodmoe. Je raakt geïrriteerd zonder dat je eigenlijk weet waarom. Of je hebt een gesprek met iemand en na afloop voel je je volledig ‘leeg gezogen’.

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Wanneer je een van bovenstaande situaties herkent, is de kans groot dat je (hoog)gevoelig bent voor energieën om je heen. Dat is prachtig, je bent een gevoelig mens, alleen… wij leren in onze maatschappij niet meer hoe hiermee om te gaan. En dan kan die gevoeligheid je danig uit balans brengen…

In deze workshop, geleid door Germaine Domatilia (intuitive & soul-healer), ontdek je de impact die gevoeligheid en hooggevoeligheid hebben op jouw leven. Je leert:

  • Wat gevoeligheid en hooggevoeligheid is vanuit energetisch perspectief.
  • Wat de belangrijkste kenmerken zijn van (hoog)gevoeligheid.
  • Waar je tegenaan kunt lopen als je niet weet dat je (hoog)gevoelig bent en wat je daar aan kunt doen.
  • Waarom (hoog)gevoeligheid onrust en stress veroorzaakt.
  • Waarom gronding en verbinding zo belangrijk zijn.
  • Hoe je rust in je hoofd kunt creëren.
  • Waarom je als (hoog)gevoelige vaak een andere rol hebt in het leven dan je misschien denkt.

‘Van hooggevoelig naar hoogbewust!
Dankjewel Germaine voor de mooie ervaring en de geweldige inzichten!! X’

Ook deelt Germaine de Banden van Kracht met je, een energetische bescherming vanuit het Inca Sjamanisme die je leven lang bij je blijft. Zodat je kunt ontspannen in het moment en je jouw beschermingsmechanismen – die beschermen, maar vaak ook beperken – kunnen oplossen. Zodat je kunt stoppen met ‘overleven’ en eindelijk kunt gaan Leven… met een hoofdletter L!

Na deze workshop sta je steviger in je schoenen en kun je beter omgaan met de prikkels om je heen. Je kunt beter in je kracht blijven en daarmee in balans. Een absolute aanrader voor (hoog)gevoelige mensen…

Tijdens de workshop zullen de meditaties worden opgenomen. Deze worden nagestuurd zodat je er thuis mee verder kunt.

Geen tijd om naar de studio te komen deze dag? Je kunt de workshop ook online bijwonen via Zoom. Stuur een mail naar hello@studio-bondi.com om de Zoom-link te ontvangen. 

Download gratis e-boek “Ontdek 3 valkuilen die stress veroorzaken bij gevoelige vrouwen”

On December 23 we’re hosting the same workshop in English (scroll down).

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Unwind your mind - Clear beginnings (online via Zoom)

Price EUR 35

Specifically for the start of the new year copywriter and Deeprelax yoga nidra expert Cuny has lovingly curated this 2,5 hour workshop. Journaling techniques combined with meditation and yoga nidra. A clear 2021 starts with a clear mind. Everything is possible if you unwind your mind!

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Want to start 2021 with a clean and clear head and space to create?
Everything is possible when you create enough time within yourself! We are letting go of the external aspects and turn inwards. Do you want to build a stronger resilience, feel grounded and are you ready to start 2021 real good?
Then please join us in the studio on the mat for an unwinding workshop where journaling and deep relaxation are combined elegantly. Journaling, meditation, yoga nidra… do we need more?!

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Managing (high) sensitivity

Price EUR 97

Does this sound familiar to you: you’re walking in the city and suddenly you’re overwhelmed, tired and irritated and you don’t know why. At the end of the workday your body feels heavy and sluggish and you become irritated by the smallest things. Or at the end of a conversation with someone, you feel completely drained and all the energy has been sucked out of you.

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When you recognize one of the above situations, there is a good chance that you are (highly) sensitive to energies around you. That is wonderful, you are a sensitive person, but… in our society we no longer learn how to deal with this. And then that sensitivity can become a burden and throw you off balance…

In the workshop, led by Germaine Domatilia (intuitive & soul-healer), you will discover the impact that sensitivity and high sensitivity have on your life. You will learn:

  • What sensitivity and high sensitivity is from an energetic perspective.
  • What are the most important characteristics of (high) sensitivity
  • What you can run into if you do not know that you are (highly) sensitive and what you can do about it.
  • Why (high) sensitivity causes anxiety and stress.
  • Why grounding and connection are so important.
  • How you can create peace in your head.
  • Why you, as a (highly) sensitive person, often have a different role in life than you might think.

From highly sensitive to highly conscious!
Thank you Germaine for the beautiful experience and great insights! X’

Germaine also shares the Bands of Power with you, an energetic protection from Inca Shamanism that stays with you all your life. So that you can relax in the moment and dissolve your protective mechanisms – which protect, but often also restrict you. So that you can stop ‘surviving’ and finally start Living…with a capital L!

After this workshop you will feel more empowered and more capable to deal with the world around you. You will be able to stay centered, in your power and thus in balance. An absolute must for (highly) sensitive people…

During the workshop, we will be recording the meditations so you’ll have the option to take them home and use them to continue to deepen your practice after the workshop! (ook in het Nederlands :))

Would you like to join but can’t make it to the studio on this date? You’re very much welcome to join online via Zoom. Please send an e-mail to hello@studio-bondi.com for the Zoom link.


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Mini Escape: Restore, Reflect & Rebalance

Price EUR 40

This beautiful Mini Escape with Melanie van der Laan is a time for yourself to rest, relax, go out of your head and connect to your body, reflect at the past year and to feel the light inside of you.

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During this 2.5 hour mini-escape you will take a break from all that is going on to meet yourself in softness and with gentleness. The restorative yoga allows you to let go of muscular effort and tension in the body. Especially, to release the things that you like to leave behind in 2020. You will be taken on a journey to come into a calm and still stage in the body and mind. To stay in this stage you will learn how to clean your energy and feel how to stay in your own energy during the busy holiday season.

What to expect during this mini escape?

Restorative yoga
Deep meditation
Flow writing
Connect to your own energy

After this mini escape

You are grounded and present in your body
You feel deeply relaxed
You feel balanced with new energy
You have let go of the old
You boosted your immune system
You know how to stay in your own energy

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Baby Massage workshop

Price EUR 40

Age: 1 month+

Welcome your little one into the world with our baby massage workshop, led by massage therapist Florence Laval. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to practice Shantala, an Ayurvedic baby massage technique originating from India where it’s normal for parents to give their baby a massage.

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Shantala is a gentle and reassuring ritual that you can learn to practice.

  • It develops sensory awakening and eliminates everyday ailments such as colic, difficulty falling asleep, etc.
  • It promotes a good energetic circulation, provides well-being and serenity.
  • It helps the baby to grow harmoniously by making him aware of his own body.
  • It strengthens communication and connection with parents.

The workshop includes both oil massage and dough ball massage, reminding us of the in-utero sensations.

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Kids massage workshop

Price EUR 25

The Sandman – Le Marchand de Sable – Klaas Vaak
Age 4-12

It’s time to go to bed … For some, it’s also the time when the anxieties and stresses of the day reappear.  Join this workshop with expert massage therapist Florence Laval and learn a little evening ritual: a face and head massage. Your child will fill his little box with love and insurance to let go and peacefully wait for the Sandman to come. Whatever the age of your child, quality time guaranteed!

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Embracing the Winter

Price EUR 40

To embrace the season of Winter, Philine will share with us a beautiful 2,5 hour elemental yoga session combined with Ayurvedic goodness.

You will leave the workshop feeling like you’ve been on a mini-retreat.

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What to expect?

Ayurveda tips and principles, rituals to improve health and wellbeing specific for the season.
Seasonal Elemental Vinyasa for moving, feeling and connecting.
Seasonal Elemental Yin to pause, observe and witness.
Essential oils to support self-care and healing.
Gift bag for self-love.
A crystal meditation.

*all levels welcome

This seasonal workshop is one of a series of 4, created by Philine Nugteren

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Ice & Breathwork workshop - the Wim Hof Method

Price EUR 129

Master your inner strength in this 1-day workshop at the stunning rooftop greenhouse location Haags Hoog and explore what profound breathing exercises and cold exposure with the Wim Hof Method can do for you. If you’ve ever wanted a science-backed, heart-centered approach to boost your immune system and overall feeling of wellbeing, this is it.

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During the workshop certified WHM instructor and yoga teacher Lilian will guide you through the 3 pillars of the Wim Hof Method: Breathing Technique, Cold Exposure & Commitment. You will explore powerful breathing exercises and how to cultivate your inner strength more intelligently. Find yourself in the mood for an ice cold ice bath – for the full experience.

“I’ve always been a strong believer in our capacity to heal naturally and I’ve been searching for that magic ever since I was little. Yoga rooted firmly in my life and I started teaching classes at a very young age, as spreading that great magic is one of my passions. My curiosity was driving me into other beautiful natural healing methods; such as holistic massage and natural nutrition. But it wasn’t until I found myself in a bikini, sitting between little ice cubes still buzzing on oxygen, that I really knew with every cell in my vibrant and extremely alive body that this (simple, yet invigorating!!) method is THE SHIT that really works; always in all ways. I never take myself too serious again.”
-Lilian Vrolijk

Good to know
This workshop is suitable for everyone, but does require a basic level of health. Out of precaution, you cannot attend the workshop if you are pregnant of have epilepsy. People with cardiovascular issues, or any other serious health conditions should always consult a medical professional before starting the Wim Hof Method.

How to prepare
If you have no prior experience with cold exposure, we recommend you finish your showers cold in the 5 days leading up to the workshop. This may be overwhelming at first, but just try to relax, focus on your breath, and bring it into a controlled, steady rhythm.

What to bring?
– Swimsuit
– Towel
– Comfortable clothes

What’s included?
Full 6 hour workshop including a dive in the ice bath, healthy nourishing lunch (with vegan options) and coffee/tea & water.

Date and location
Saturday March 13, 10.00 – 16.00hrs at the stunning greenhouse rooftop location Haags Hoog (Televisiestraat 2, 6th Floor, 2525 KD Den Haag)

Please contact us at hello@studio-bondi.com.


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Veda Ela: The Power Of Gentleness

Price EUR 50

Difficult times require profound practices based on equanimity & resilience. To help us to stay centered, let go of what not longer serve us and act from patience and adaptability.

In this workshop we will explore the quality of gentleness towards ourselves and others through Yin & Restorative Yoga & Yoga Nidra.

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Through Yin we get in touch with our feminine energy to find the edge, surrender and be still.

Restorative yoga teaches us the art of resting and being gentle to ourselves and therefore to others.

During the practice of Yoga Nidra (also call “yogi sleep”, a state of hypnosis) we plant the seed of intention: what we would like to manifest in our lives.

Experience the gentleness of being in a place where you can physically, mentally and spiritually relax, recharge and heal.

This workshop is open to Yoga teachers, therapists, body workers and yoga students of all levels.

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Veda Ela: The Practice Of Compassion

Price EUR 60

The practice of self enquiry and compassion towards ourselves & to others is a part of the foundations of Yoga. It brings forth the entire energy of our being with love and courage.

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In this workshop we melt away tensions and emotions first through kind and soft dance and free movement. Paying attention to the sensations of breath to create radical presence.

Restorative Yoga poses focus on healing through rest and the profound experience of being in contrast to doing.

The practice of Yin yoga together with affirmations enhances our intention of being compassionate

Meditation is the art of listening inwardly for guidance in the midst of daily life.

With “Lovingkindness” -a meditation from buddhist back round- we find compassion in ourselves and spread it to others

This workshop is open to yoga teachers, therapists, body workers and yoga students who would like to integrate the quality of compassion in their professional and in daily life.

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