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Studio Bondi
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  • How much time do I need before start of my session?

    You won’t need much, but we recommend you to arrive at least 5-10 minutes before the indicated start time so you have some time to check in, find your spot and get ready for your session.

  • Can I arrive after start time?

    With the group experience in mind, we do encourage you to be on time. In case everything is against you on your way to the studio, we hold a time frame of 5 minutes (max).

  • Do I need to check in with the host?

    Yes, please make sure to check-in with the host upon arrival, so we know you’re in.

  • What do I bring?

    As we’d like you to travel light, the studio has everything you need: mats, props, lockers, complimentary tea and water before & after class, and showers stocked with NAIF organic care products. You only need to bring your yoga outfit. If you like to drink water during class please bring your own non-breakable water bottle.

  • Do you have lockers?

    Yes – lockers are provided for your bag, laptop, phone, keys, jacket, whatever you don’t need during your class, workshop or course.