Pilates Teacher Training (50hrs)


Backed by years of teaching expertise, this in-depth teacher training (50hrs) with Rachel van Koesveld and Omar Pliego covers anatomy, breathwork, postural alignment, the most important Pilates exercises and sequencing, as well as a home practice to deepen your practice and develop your skills as a Pilates teacher.

The next training will start in Q1 2025.
Send us an email at hello@studio-bondi.com to join the waitlist.

Who is this for

  • New teachers looking for a level 1 pilates training (see FAQ)
  • Yoga teachers who wish to become more allround and refine their skills as a teacher
  • Committed students who love pilates and wish to deepen their practice

What's included

  • The basic principles and history of Pilates
  • Anatomy
  • Breathwork
  • Exercises and sequencing
  • Modifications for common injuries
  • Building and teaching a Pilates class with confidence, using precise cues
  • Home practice (20 -30 minutes, 4 x per week)
  • 10 online mat classes for observation and self-practice
  • Video tutorials for study and reference
  • Pilates Teacher Training Manual
  • Mentoring from Rachel and Omar
  • A Studio Bondi Pilates Teacher Training Certificate


  • At least one class with each of Rachel and Omar
  • We recommend to have a minimum of six months of Pilates experience prior to joining this teacher training, and to be familiar with the exercises


This training is organized into 5 weeks. Each week consists of a training day (see dates above), video tutorials, homework assignments (approximately 2 hours per week), and home practice sessions (approximately 2 hours per week). Following the training, you'll have the opportunity to teach a class to your fellow students, known as the 'Exam'. Successful completion of both the full training and the Exam is required to conclude the training. At the end of this training you will have a solid foundation to create and teach effective and inspiring Pilates classes.

Recommended reading

In addition to the resources provided in this training, we recommend the following books:


The next training will start in Q1 2025.
Send us an email at hello@studio-bondi.com to join the waitlist.

Meet the teachers

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About 20 years ago, Omar was introduced to pilates by a friend when he was in training to become a sports coach but felt like he was missing something. He fell in love with the principles of pilates and the effects it has on both body and mind, and soon he became an all round pilates instructor. He opened his own studio and started to train physiotherapists to use pilates for their clients. Omar is excited to continue his training work, and spark others with his passion for the practice.


Rachel has been active her whole life, using her body as an instrument to literally dance around the world. It was at age 19 that she quit ballet and discovered yoga and pilates, and committed to a 4 years study to start guiding classes professionally. With almost 20 years of teaching experience and an everlasting passion for pilates, she is beyond thrilled to start a new journey of sharing her knowledge through this pilates teacher training. There is so much to share!

In 10 weeks you will feel the difference
In 20 weeks you see the difference
In 30 weeks you will have a whole new body

- Joseph Pilates


With the immense popularity of Pilates, there is a growing demand for skilled and knowledgeable Pilates teachers. We are excited to help meet that demand by providing a comprehensive training program that equips you with the skills and expertise needed to become a successful Pilates teacher. Plus, with Rachel and Omar's wealth of knowledge and expertise, this is an opportunity not to be missed!

Not at all. This training is open to everyone who is interested in pilates. However, a basic level of anatomy is required, see also the next question. Are you in doubt if this training is for you? Contact us via hello@studio-bondi.com.

To ensure readiness for teaching, we recommend a minimum of six months of prior Pilates experience and familiarity with the exercises before joining this teacher training.

The type of Pilates we are teaching in this teacher training is Contemporary Pilates.

Yes. This is a 50 hour training for continuing education. If you’re already a teacher in a related field (e.g. yoga, dance, fitness) and you wish to start teaching pilates classes as well, this is the perfect training for you. If you have no prior related experience, we recommend completing extra training (e.g. a yoga teacher training) to build a 200 hours curriculum. Most yoga and fitness studios require a minimum of 200 hours training.

The training unfolds over five weeks, with a 6-hour live training day every Saturday. Besides the live training days, you’ll have access to a comprehensive manual and an online learning platform. The manual provides practical scripts for effective and safe Pilates workouts, along with varied class plans for inspiration. The platform includes 10 online mat classes for observation and self-practice, along with detailed tutorials of key Pilates exercises for study and reference.

Throughout the training, mentoring by Rachel and Omar is included. Additionally, those interested in extra studio classes receive a 25% discount on class passes upon registration.

It’s a 50-hour training: The training is structured into five weeks, each week including a live training day in the studio (6 hours) and video tutorials and homework assignments (requiring approx 2 hours per week). To enhance the learning experience, we recommend doing short home practice sessions 3-4 times per week or joining studio classes (in total approx 2 hours per week).

Although we believe the in-person training days offer invaluable personal feedback, we recognize preferences and circumstances differ. If you're interested in joining the training online, we can customize a personalized experience through Zoom. For more information, please send us an email at hello@studio-bondi.com.

If you happen to miss a live session, we'll work together to find a solution that keeps you up to speed. Your learning experience is important to us, and we're committed to helping you make the most out of the training. If you expect to miss more than one session, please send us an e-mail at hello@studio-bondi.com.

Yes this is required to receive the Pilates Teacher Training Certificate.

The training costs EUR 895 ex VAT. If you would like to pay in 2 instalments, please send us a message at hello@studio-bondi.com. Note that a payment plan cannot be canceled and there are no refunds for this training.

Prices are excluding VAT. If you are registered with the KvK, you can request the VAT back in your tax return.

You will have life long access to all online materials. This includes the video classes, tutorials, and any additional content that may be provided.

The workbook is a physical copy that you will receive one week before start of the training. It is yours to keep, providing a tangible resource for your ongoing reference and practice.

What others say

Online Classes

"Another advantage of the online classes is the ability to pause and go over an exercise in more detail. Helpful to check the execution and alignment, and 30 min is perfect to practice at home."

Online Tutorials

"The online tutorials were very supportive. Especially having the 18 exercises in different video recordings. You can easily look it up."


"The class plans are nice for inspiration and provide a structure for designing your own classes. The table with the overview of the exercises and their purpose proved to be very useful when preparing classes."

Recommended Books

"I learned a lot from the recommended books, and I think that every Pilates teacher should have those books at home."


"The homework assignments were supportive of the learning process because they challenged us to put the theory we learned into practice."

Live Sessions

"I loved the live sessions, especially because Omar and Rachel gave us such good Pilates classes and actually explained the whole theory of Pilates while teaching."


"I felt prepared even though I generally really do not like exam situations ;-)."


"Great, really nice to have the dynamic of Omar and Rachel, they took time for all our questions."

Ready to start teaching

"Yes, I feel like I received enough resources to start teaching Pilates classes. I am very happy that I still have access to the online videos to refresh the knowledge."

Overall Impression

"I was very impressed with the professional approach of the teachers and the training itself. Thank you so much for the training at Studio Bondi. I really enjoyed it and I am very happy I could be part of this journey."