6-Week Yoga Essentials Training

The Yoga Essentials Training - created and guided by rockstar teacher Fantine Tho - is all about igniting inner guidance.

A 6-week training that teaches you all about yoga, meditation, and chakras. The aim is to help you create the habit of a daily practice - even if it's just 5 minutes - and start each day with intention and clear direction. By joining this training you'll naturally gain strength, flexibility & heightened awareness - and these are just the side effects.

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Next training starts November 16


DESIGN your Practice - Instrumental Body

Integrated basic Yoga philosophy
Master your routine 

DEEPEN your Practice - Elemental Body 

Chakra studies through self study
Developing self awareness 

DEVELOP DISCIPLINE in your Practice - Diamond Body

Continuously expanding intuition and creativity
Integrating the habit of a complete practice with meditation

Who is this for?

This training caters to everyone who wants to establish a strong foundation in yoga and become super confident in their practice - even if you’re just starting out.  Also, for those interested in teaching yoga in the future, this is THE perfect groundwork.

Every aspect of this program is meticulously crafted to build a solid self practice, learn and grow in self-awareness and strengthen your inner guidance. As a nice byproduct, your body will gain strength and flexibility, your mind clarity and focus, and you'll feel inspired to live your life consciously and with intention.

The Training


  • Yoga sequences that account for a full body workout, tackling strength, flexibility and mobility. Enhance your balance, stimulate digestion, release tension and rigidity in the body, stabilize your core, balance emotions and nourish the soul.
  • Breathing exercises to clear the mind, expand intuition and creativity, gain focus, release stress, give you a healthy glow, settle the mind to prepare for meditation. 
  • Guided meditation to restore, rejuvenate, have you feeling more energized and creative.


  • Yoga Philosophy 
  • Chakra Work (aka Energy Work)


A beautifully designed app including:

  • Video classes, tutorials and practice tracking to start and support your daily practice
  • Short lectures for self study
  • Guided meditation
  • Music 
  • A platform for interacting with fellow students
  • In-app bonus:
    #1 Headstand clinic: the upside down world
    #2 Mantras: meaning and stories for inspiration



A daily planner and journal to maintain and deepen your practice, plan and assess your days, weeks and year ahead with clear intention - inspired by both vision and intuition.  The workbook inspires to do your practice and is enriched by art, music, knowledge of the chakra system, tools for self assessment, and the T.H.O.R. Compass. 


You will receive a compass for you to practice your own way, wherever you are, with as much time as you got. The T. H. O. R. Compass includes 8 Techniques for a Holistic Optimized Routine to feel connected, confident and creative, as you face challenges you’re passionate about as well as significant changes in life. This routine will equip you to live your life - with all of its stressors - consciously, naturally and intentionally.


The training includes 6 live masterclasses, which can be followed in-person, online, or in a hybrid form.


You’ll have life long access to all online materials. Plus, the workbook is yours to keep.


  • Sat Nov 16 | 14.00 - 17.00 hrs
  • Sat Nov 23 | 14.00 - 17.00 hrs
  • Sat Nov 30 | 14.00 - 17.00 hrs
  • Sat Dec 7 | 14.00 - 17.00 hrs
  • Sat Dec 14 | 14.00 - 17.00 hrs
  • Sat Dec 21 | 14.00 - 17.00 hrs

The training includes 6 live masterclasses, which can be followed in-person or online, or in a hybrid form.


The price for the training, including materials, is EUR 1050 incl VAT. 

Payment in 2 interest-free instalments is possible, e-mail hello@studio-bondi.com.

The training price includes VAT. If you are using this training as part of your professional responsibilities or have a budget provided by your employer, you may be eligible to reclaim the VAT/investment from your tax authorities or your workplace.

A tree is planted in Brazil for each participant in the training.

Recommended reading

'Yamas and Niyamas' by Deborah Adele

Contact Us

Have questions or need more information? Reach out to us at hello@studio-bondi.com or WhatsApp 070-4062175

Meet the teacher

Teacher photos bio website

I’m Fantine Tho, musician, dedicated yoga teacher on a renatification mission in Brazil.

I’ll be sharing the framework that has helped me stay creative and inspired before going on stage, studio and songwriting sessions. Staying connected and caring in challenging times too, from changing careers to expanding new passions and becoming a single mom in a foreign country. I believe we own an amazing instrument of immense capacity when we learn to work with all the magic it is designed to provide us with. 

Building a relationship with our bodies and mind and learning to respond to its natural needs is an art and sometimes a battle we should be taught to craft and handle at home and in school.

I’m glad and grateful to have access to ancient knowledge that equips us with the ability to embrace our Human Nature fully. Everything I do is devoted to conscious living so that we are free to celebrate life fully and authentically.


It's a 6-week program led by Fantine Tho, designed to establish a strong foundation in yoga and start a daily self practice. You will be equipped with tools to start your own yoga journey and create an optimized routine with breathing and meditation. You will get access to support audios and videos to study and practice. Including yoga tutorials, yoga philosophy, knowledge of the chakras, music, guided meditation and self awareness tools to evoke clarity in specific areas of life so that you can plan your life consciously and intentionally, with a clear sense of direction.

Everything is carefully designed to support you in your self practice. This level of autonomy will allow you to strengthen your inner guidance. It’s a choice to use everything to your advantage, beyond good or bad; you will be invited to learn and grow in self awareness with every situation during your journey.

The entire training will be available through on-demand videos (accessible via an app) that you can refer back to even after the training concludes. These on-demand videos include yoga sequences, breathing exercises, guided meditations, as well as short lectures on yoga philosophy and chakras. During the 2.5-hour live masterclasses, Fantine will delve deeper into the course material for that respective week and provide more personalized feedback. In addition to the video materials, you will receive a workbook for self-assessment during the training. 

We recommend everyone get a copy of Yamas and Niyamas by Deborah Adele. Additional reading (upon completion of the training): the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.

The training includes 6 live masterclasses, which can be followed in-person, online or in a hybrid form.

No, it's not an official teacher training program. However, it serves as a pre-teacher training, offering valuable insights and foundational knowledge for those interested in pursuing teaching in the future.

Besides the live masterclasses (see dates and time above), we recommend to reserve 2-3 hours weekly for study, and 20-30 minutes daily for practice. 

If you miss a live session, you can watch the recording.

You will have life long access to all online materials. This includes video sessions, resources, and any additional content provided.

The next training starts in November 2024

The workbook is a physical copy that you will receive during the training. It is yours to keep, providing a tangible resource for your ongoing reference and practice.

100%! The Yoga Essentials Training is designed for everyone, whether you have a lot of experience or just started to take classes. Fantine will guide you at every step, and she’ll ensure the program is accessible and beneficial for everyone.