Yin classes

Yin Classic

Our Yin Classic is a slow paced deep stretch class. Most of the poses in this class take place on the floor and are held for longer periods of time to allow a deeper opening of the body and creating a calm mind. Yin Classic combines very well with the more dynamic (yang) styles of yoga and with active sports such as running, cycling and crossfit. Because of the longer holds, it is a challenging class but with sweet results. Guaranteed.

All levels | Low intensity | Deep body stretch and relax

Yin Relax

An incredibly slow, super chilled, restorative class, based entirely on the floor. This class is all about relaxation and is designed to calm the nervous system. Expect to be using all sorts of props (pillows, bolsters, blocks, blankets) to fully support your body and to get you feeling as comfortable and relaxed as possible. This class may end with a Yoga Nidra exercise for deep rest and restoration.

All levels | No intensity | Deep rest and restoration

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Yang classes

Yang Classic

Our Yang Classic is a vinyasa inspired class that offers all you need to stretch and strengthen the body. Linking breath with movement, you increase flexibility and build strength and mental focus. An all-time favourite.

All levels | Medium intensity | Stretch, strength and focus

Yang Strong

Yang Strong is smooth like our classic version but fast. Expect stronger longer holds and advanced postures and flows in this high energy class. Set to uplifting music, our Yang Strong is catered to everyone who enjoys a faster paced and more challenging practice. If it’s your first time, we recommend to attend at least one Yang Classic class first.

Some yoga experience recommended | High intensity | Flexibility, strength and stamina

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Bondi 45

Bondi 45 is our signature class and is a condensed version of everything. It can include fast paced strengthening poses, slow deep stretches and guided meditation for a calm mind. Leave it to us to make you feel better with this combination class, even when you are low on time. You will breathe, flow, sweat, stretch and relax in just 45 minutes. Pure vibes!

All levels | Low and high intensity | Stretch, strength and relax

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Bondi 60

Bondi 60 is the extended offering of our Bondi 45 class. A full 60 minutes to spend on breathing, flowing, sweating, stretching and relaxing. So good.

All levels | Low and high intensity | Stretch, strength and relax

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Mindfulness Meditation

In the hustle of everyday life it can be difficult to find the time and space let alone the discipline to switch off and just be still. No worries, we got you covered. Join this 45 minute class of guided breath to find stillness and clarity. Mindfulness Meditation is a mindfulness practice to train the muscle of your mind.

All levels | No intensity | Productivity, mental clarity and focus

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Bondi Surf

An energizing flow on a balance surf board, this is the practice that keeps on giving. Leading you through fluid yoga moves, Bondi Surf is designed to lengthen and strengthen your entire body while also calming the mind and working your balance control system. Nothing but good stuff, we promise.

All levels | Medium intensity | Balance, (core) strength, focus

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Align & Flow

A vinyasa flow style class, slowed down to take it a little bit more relaxed. With a focus on alignment, this class is designed to improve inner strength & flexibility, posture and blood circulation. Suitable for all levels and all bodies, this class is loved by many!

All levels | Low intensity | Inner strength and flexibility

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Bondi Pilates

Bondi Pilates is a mat class with a strong focus on core strength, flexibility and breathing. A highly effective practice that is especially kind to the joints but will challenge the entire body. Your body will thank you.

All levels | Medium intensity | Strength and flexibility

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For all expecting moms out there who would like to start or continue their yoga practice, we are thrilled to announce that we are adding a special prenatal class to our schedule. Expect a gentle uplifting movement practice to open and strengthen your beautiful pregnant body, including meditations to connect with your baby and breathing exercises to relax.  Our experienced and qualified prenatal yoga instructor Pamela will guide you through this special class that is tailored to the unique body needs of expecting moms. 

For pregnant ladies from 12 weeks onwards all the way to birth.

Younger Yogi

Young Yogi (5 - 11 yrs)

If yoga and meditation makes us grownups feel so good, relaxed and calm, imagine what it does for the little ones. Especially in this world with so much pressure and distraction from all sorts of digital sources. Our Young Yogi class is geared to children 5 – 11 years of age. It’s playful and peaceful and full of positive vibes. Building strength and flexibility both mentally and physically through yoga and breathing exercises. Nothing but fun!

Tip: enjoy a drink in our Bondi Café while your little yogi is practicing with us