Alyssa Thiele

Alyssa Thiele


Alyssa Thiele

Why did you start with yoga?
My yoga journey started in 12 years ago. Before that I was a student in my moms BodyBalance classes which is a groups fitness program of Les Mills. During those classes I realized that I wanted to figure out to how it is to do movement in a more mindful way because I felt really connect with myself on a mat. I have a sports background so the discovery of yoga where I was able to do a lot physical stuff and all the philosophy next to it to find mentally rest, was a amazing discovery. Every feeling that I misunderstood about myself when I was younger really fell in place.

Why did you become a yoga teacher?
I didn’t plan that. A teacher in Bali where I lived said to me that it would be something for me after 6 years of deep practice. In the end it really made sense. With the genes of my mom who always stood in front of class and passing on other people with a lot of fun, I really feel the same.

What do you love most about teaching yoga?
To let people really check in with themselves. No boundaries, just feeling who you are. What you have to let go while moving. And getting the acceptance in the here and now.

What styles of yoga do you teach?
Always flowy. So Vinyasa is my base, Gentle and Embodied Flow. But because of the flowiness, you will also feel this in my Yin Yang en Yin Yoga classes. I always try to reach the deeper layer in the body with slow and mindful moving.

Can you describe your personal teaching style in a few words?
I always teach with a flow. Bigger flows and small flows. Even in yin. I think it is important to move mindful and slow before you go from one pose to the other. In this way you can connect your mindset even deeper with the body.

What is your favourite song for Savasana?
Faith’s Hymn – Beautiful Chorus

What is your favourite book or movie?
In the FLO – Alisa Vita. A must read for every woman to maximize their energy through syncing in with your cycle.