Ivan Cook

Ivan Cook


Ivan Cook

Why did you start with yoga?

I used it as a counterbalance to my bad posture from many years of racing bicycles. Also as a way to strengthen and find deeper connections to help supplement my dance practice.

Why did you become a yoga teacher?

I was practicing yoga more and more in my own time. Practising with close friends and enjoying the bonds that it helped create both with each other and one’s self. That it seemed the right fit alongside teaching dance to incorporate yoga as well.

What do you love most about teaching yoga?

The ability to change yours and the group’s mental/physical state quite dramatically. That you share that moment and nothing external is needed just the body and mind.

What styles of yoga do you teach?

I mostly teach Vinyasa and here and there use the contrast of Restorative to find softness.

Can you describe your personal teaching style in a few words?

Dynamic, Wavey, Explorative.

What is your favourite song for Savasana?

Incubus – Aqueous Transmission

What is your favourite book or movie?

Favourite book: Scar Tissue – Anthony Kiedis