Kim Werdmuller von Elgg

Kim Werdmuller von Elgg


Kim Werdmuller von Elgg

Why yoga

Space, inner peace, freedom, happiness 🙂

Yoga has been been a part of my live for a long time. My Mother teaches yoga and always inspired me. When I was pregnant I learned to breath, connect and thrust through yoga. After that period I fell in love with Vinyasa. The flow, like a dance, the space it creates, to be able to connect to the self and to be in the present moment, is a true gift.
Guiding and sharing that with others in class is a big honour.

Teaching style


Favourite pose

Uttitha Parsvakonasana, o and some days I love wild thing 🙂

Favourite book

On my e-reader now, Verslaafd aan Liefde by Jan Geurts, Shantaram also a favourite