Lucia Jonova

Lucia Jonova


Lucia Jonova

Why did you start with yoga?

Since young age I was moving a lot, sometimes voluntarily, sometimes not. Every year I was in a different country with different language and culture. I needed something that would travel with me. If baggage restrictions in the planes would allow it, I would probably never start with yoga and travel with a piano. Yoga is light, in every sense

Why did you become a yoga teacher? 

To be barefoot while in a city. I attempt to reach the mind through the body and not vice versa, even if reaching body through the mind is also very interesting, I just chose the body. I work with and via the body also as a physiotherapist and as a cancer yoga therapist. I love touch, bodily presence of people and energies that comes with the bodies. The mind will follow.

What do you love most about teaching yoga?

Being barefoot meanwhile teaching is truly the best part. And philosophy talks

What styles of yoga do you teach?

Vinyasa, Jivamukti, Yin, Nidra

Can you describe your personal teaching style in a few words? 

A practice through effort towards deep concentration with special focus on meditation and shavasana.

What is your favourite song for Savasana?

Planet Caravan Black Sabbath (2009 Remastered Version) 

What is your favourite book or movie?

BE HERE NOW from Ram Dass