Melissa Mintodjo

Melissa Mintodjo


Melissa Mintodjo

Why did you start with yoga?
I was a dancer and thought yoga wouldn’t be something for me.. but when I got offered free classes I decided to attent one and I fell in love!

Why did you become a yoga teacher?
My first classes of yoga got me crying every time and it got me really interested of what was going on there. I learned that because of through the practice of yoga, we open the body and release tensions, stored emotions. This is the most fascinating thing to me and have been leaning more about it ever since. I started my yoga Teacher training with the intention to learn more about yoga and improve my own practice. But again I fell I love.. this time with teaching.

What do you love the most about teaching yoga?
I love it most when we share our energy in class and it almost feels like together we are moving as one being 🤍

What styles do you teach?
Bondi 60! I would say I teach a more gentle Vinyasa flow.

Can you describe your teaching styles in a few words?
My flows are overall more slow with the intention to stay aware of what is happening in the body. And I like to bring in fluidity.

What’s your favorite Savasana song?
At the moment I am loving: Hearing the Harvest – We dream of eden Makes me feel like I’m floating like a feather.

What’s your favorite book or movie?
Favorite book: The Sophia Code – Kaia Ra