Nina Oud

Nina Oud


Nina Oud

Why did you start with pilates?
I enjoy doing the movements and how the body feels afterwards

Why did you become a pilates teacher?
I love to share what i love to do and I hope that after my class you feel a bit different in a good way, maybe stronger, or more flexibele, calmer, or more energetic

What do you love most about teaching pilates?
To create a nice class and it makes me happy if people enjoy it and feel good after What style of pilates do you teach?Flowy pilates on the mat. Often optional weights to intensify

Can you describe your personal teaching style in a few words?
Helpful and try to pay attention to everyone

What type of music do you usually play during your Pilates classes?
Mix of classical, cinamatic music, some times a bit stronger

What is your favourite book or movie?